The Levenson Plan

What others promise, Dr. Stewart Levenson delivers.

Stewart isn’t a career politician. He’s an outsider and a reformer who has a proven record taking on special interests to get real results for New Hampshire.

As the Medical Director of the VA New England Network, Stewart brought about real change. He cofounded a group of whistleblowers to root out corruption and incompetence in the Manchester VA. His actions led to the removal of management and securing $30 million in new healthcare funding for New Hampshire’s veterans.

Now, Stewart is running for Congress to hold the Washington politicians accountable. He will end the gridlock in Washington, fight to shift power back to the people of New Hampshire, and stand up every day for our seniors, veterans, and families.

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We need to repeal the “Un” Affordable Care Act, while keeping basic medical protections for all American citizens. We must continue the ban on exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions. We need to continue to allow adult children to remain on their parents’ policies until age 26. We need a simple major medical policy to prevent a person’s medical crisis from being compounded into an economic disaster. Health savings accounts can make every consumer a watchdog in helping to control healthcare costs.

We need secure borders to prevent the deadly drug fentanyl from reaching our shores. We need to get treatment for addicts and swift and severe punishment for drug dealers. The big pharma companies that falsely touted the safety of prescription drugs must be held accountable. Alternatives to opioid based pain medications are being developed and must be available to patients at a reasonable cost.

Dr. Levenson supports the second amendment in the strongest possible terms. We can and will create a safe environment for our children and in our schools without robbing law abiding citizens of their constitutional rights. The system is broken. Government is not doing its job of keeping guns out of the hands of those who would harm the innocent. We don’t need new laws but do need to enforce the laws already on the books. In many of the worst tragedies we’ve seen law enforcement was aware of the criminal being a risk yet did nothing. Without fixing the system more gun control is merely misguided wishful thinking. Dr. Levenson is a firearms instructor and has taught hundreds of young and old alike in the safe handling of firearms.

We need to be tough on securing our borders. True immigration reform cannot happen while our borders continue to be porous. The illegals who are currently living in the shadows with a violent criminal history should be deported immediately. Those whose crime was coming here illegally should be adjudicated according to agreed-upon principles such as time in the US and relative danger from which they fled. There can be no sanctuary cities or instate tuition for illegals.

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