We are newcomers to New Hampshire, having moved to Cheshire County last year. We chose the Granite State because we admire the straightforward way of life here. New Hampshire folks value common sense in government. They expect elected officials to use sound judgment and loyalty in representing their best interests.

Unfortunately, this is frequently not the case in Washington, D.C., where politics and special interest money tend to dominate public decisions, often to the detriment of people back home. We believe that New Hampshire’s interests would be better served by having a new and independent voice speak for the 2nd Congressional District in Washington, and we have met a political newcomer whose record we think merits the voters’ consideration.

Stewart Levenson is a physician who dedicated his professional career to healing our wounded and sick veterans. When the Veterans’ Administration shortchanged patients on health care, he challenged VA leadership, first internally, then later going public on the issue. He showed not only loyalty to patients, but also courage and independence.

Dr. Levenson sees the VA’s resistance to reform as symptomatic of a wider problem pervading Washington, namely a lack of federal government accountability. We find in this soft-spoken physician a man of genuine character, a political outsider with the guts to call out one of the most powerful bureaucracies in Washington.

We learned that Dr. Levenson’s policy goals include growing job opportunities for New Hampshire through lower taxes and less regulation, health insurance reform to replace the current, financially-strapped federal program; merit-based immigration reform that protects our borders; and ending the “cash for favors” lobbying machine in Washington that pays members of Congress to forget their duty to constituents. Because of Dr. Levenson’s track record at the VA and his not owing anything to anybody in Washington, D.C., we think he would be a strong voice in Congress for the people of New Hampshire.

The 2018 election is still eight months off, but it is not too soon for voters to start taking a look at candidates to familiarize themselves with who is running, as well as what the candidates promise to do, if elected. We urge our friends and neighbors in Cheshire County to take the time to get to know Stewart Levenson. When you do, we are confident that you will be as impressed as we have been with his character and common sense.

Very truly yours,


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